01.08.2022 / News

Technological investment: the new AXC 800 III component counter

A good warehouse organization is a critical success factor and can be a long-term competitive advantage. For this EL.C.A. has equipped itself with a new component counter that allows better inventory and stock management . Encouraging technological investments and improving business processes, increasing the rate of digitization and innovation, are key points in our company’s development strategy.

The new Scienscope AXC 800 III machine enables even faster and more accurate inventory management and component counting. Thanks to the new equipment, the calculation of the components on the reel takes place without unwinding the tapes with an accuracy greater than 99.9% . Simply place the coils in the system, close the door and the count starts automatically without the need for programming.

AXC 800 III also allows you to quantify components of minimum size 01005 ” present in standard closed Dry-Pack packaging, in pieces of tape, in sticks and trays. The x-ray technology applied to the piece counter allows you to save time, labor and money in maximum safety. It also avoids the dreaded “line down” scenario due to missing a component.