05.07.2022 / News

The legacy of Brionvega and the origins of EL.C.A.

There are stories that make huge turns and then come back.
There are human and professional experiences that leave their mark even after many years.

In 1986, once Brinel’s experience was over, some workers from Brionvega di Asolo put on the move started a cooperative specialized in the design and production of electronic boards. Thus was born EL.C.A.: Electronics Components Asolana.

After 36 years, Asolo has dedicated an exhibition to tell the industrial and human history of Brionvega . The exhibition is largely based on Franco Gigliello’s collection of radios and televisions, who had long been the factory manager of the Asolo plant. On the occasion of that event Franco together with another former manager, Francesco Minato, came to visit our company, which still maintains a strong bond with Brionvega and with the workers who were part of that experience .

Today EL.C.A. produces electronic boards for various companies and employs 65 people, a number which is constantly growing. With the president Giuliano Volpato, Franco and Francesco listened and touched what has been done in recent years and, moved, they even found some pieces: the workbenches, the oven and the historic wire stripper of Brionvega .

Organization, innovation and style still exist in EL.C.A and, thanks to the principle of mutuality on which the cooperative is founded, a solid economic activity has been launched and carried on, beautiful to live and to make known.