The PTH area is composed of two sealed tunnel welding machines with inert atmosphere with the possibility to program each trolley with different welding profile, allowing to have an excellent result already at the first welded board.

We are equipped with high-tech equipment that allows us to produce cards with the utmost precision and cleanliness. We have a selective welding line with configurable mini wave wells that allows us to weld  in an extremely precise and ripetitive way, all those components  that cannot be welded with the wave welding machine.  The next working area called Touch up takes care of the completion and visual control of the welded boards.  The whole area complies with the relevant ESD regulations.

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After sale support

This service is an integral part of our philosophy, from reporting we guarantee a rapid resolution of the problem.

Logistics and shipments

We offer a storage and shipping service for goods, thanks to modern automatic warehouses.


We check and verify the efficiency and validity of our products thanks to modern automated systems.


We apply precautions to our products to make them resistant even in harsh environmental situations, to dust and humidity.

Mechanical assembly

We perform both simple and complex assemblies with a view to providing a ready-to-use product.

SMT assembly

We offer the smt assembly service of electronic components on the circuit surface without the need to drill holes.